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Where it all started  – Auto Ribeiro

Auto Ribeiro, AREquipment’s parent company was born on the 28th of January in 1976 with only 5 employees. In almost 4 decades, the company has grown to be a leader in the national vehicle transformation market, specially ambulances.

Immediate success

Thriving in the ambulance world is not easy but looking to provide the best service, Auto Ribeiro realized that to make the best ambulance possible they would need to create their own equipment. So Auto Ribeiro started developing Equipment, which gave them the possibility to customize and adapt to their clients’ needs, offering them exactly what they wanted. This circumstance gave us more than 30 years of experience, great level of know-how and high quality standard achievement, becoming one of the big player in the field.

Recent years – Expansion

Our development team, high tech facilities and great level of know-how caught the attention of the biggest company world wide of the sector, Ferno, that became a close partner of us. Since 2010 we’ve been producing the F2 model for the American company.

Since 2013 we decided to expand our brand and business and we created officially AREquipment, not only we continue to supply Auto Ribeiro but we also offer our products to the whole world.


What makes us unique is that we think of people

The difference between us and our competitors is that we think about people before the product, making our priority the development of products that are reliable and functional.

This attitude led us to produce an user friendly equipment, that is known to be strong and durable and therefore with minimum incidents in after sales.

Where do we go

Our Department of IDI (Investigation, Development and Innovation) is very dynamic and active, positioning AREquipment one step ahead, launching new products every year, improving old ones and creating pionner equipment like our electric loader base or our electric rescue chair.

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